–A Weekly Chronicle Series

I Shoot Film-ish

Week Two ||

Over the recent years, digital photography upscaled to a larger audience thus leaving film photography in the background.  Figuratively, some fresh youngster photographers now have not even used a film camera in their entire life while quite few relish the significant “deep something” in analogs. Digital photography basically comes into two, the expensive, more elaborate SLR and the cheaper less complicated point and shoot. Digital draws you with the hashtags of pixels. It also has this shoot, review, delete and shoot again mechanishm. Analog works with film and a more tedious process. You don’t’ have the “delete” button on hand so it requires you to take a really good picture with good lightning and all those photography ingredients at once.

“Film finds” today

Doing a little research, most film photography enthusiasts mentioned that the quality of analog photography depends greatly on the type of film ( or so what I understood). While cleaning our stock room today I found two film cameras , a canon and a toycamera  I have yet to play and experiment.

In the meantime, since I am swooned by the depth & mystery of analog photography here are some photos I edited to be film-ish.

More of my captures are dumped here.


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