–A Weekly Chronicle Series

Closet Mixes Behind Doors

Week Three ||

I was on the spur of rummaging my closet and not so new racks of clothes before moving forward to 2012. It led me to come up with a nice emsemble with all these pieces and take a picture of me wearing them. A little less exciting  & inspiring. Just that some of these mixes I have not yet worn outside or showcased on the streets. Maybe this year I will wear  these mixed closet concoction of mine.

My style, I should say is a mix of vintage and somewhat perky.

Hi there! Welcome to my loosey-gosey and sometimes creative days.

I love vintage style. Like eternity, it’s always making a comeback and apparently it’s on the mainstream  for some time now. The aesthetic statement of vintage clothes , I think is timeless. Agree?


2 comments on “Closet Mixes Behind Doors

  1. jai long
    February 29, 2012

    vintage clothes.. AGREED! like your style

  2. thysleroux
    March 4, 2012

    Sometimes bubbly, sometimes introvert …and … always interesting it seems!

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