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The Hunger Games Solitary Experience

I’ve watched The Hunger Games and yes it was a little late. There have been gazillion reviews about it going viral on the internet .Even so, here’s my own take. It wasn’t my usual movie-experience because literally, I lurked in the dark velvet-alley and reclined in front of the widescreen, alone. Don’t look at me like a social-outcast-loner. I had bunch of friends who goes to movies but that particular afternoon, no one was generously available.

Not being sappy about it although most people went with their friends in two’s or in packs. Others were even rowdy. That was the annoying part. Ugh! I just couldn’t stand when one had to predict each climactic scene obviously to imply he/she had heartily memorized the poignant lines. Yes you’ve read the book but we’re here to watch. You don’t need to shout prattling about it. Too rankling, too bad it was dark. I couldn’t show my irritated expression. Enough said, let’s move on without being grouchy.

Although I was my own mini companion, I didn’t feel like a lost pariah amidst the crowd. Confident and I felt more like sitting over for my two friends; Gary Ross’ much awaited interpretation of Suzanne Collins’ famous dystopian novel.

I couldn’t help comparing it on the scenes vividly playing on my mind. Anyone who had read the book did the same thing, I guess.  More often than not, we concluded our own versions are better. Didn’t we? I told my friend about this and let me quote her saying “Sometimes the book kills the chance of the movie to please us”. So do I have to repeat the cliché “The book is always better, always”?

Probably because we articulately visualized how those paragraphs and lines should be presented in our own cinematic minds, with subtle musical scores in between. I’m not wondering why I shed few tears reading the book and felt gut-wrenching episodes on some chapters but not even teary-eyed or perplexed watching the film. It was alright. Maybe I was playing safe; crying and shrieking alone would have made me looked more pathetic. Odd, it must have been!

image from goodreads.com

I felt this scene depicting honor, courage and sacrifice.

With much respect to Gary Ross and the people who made the film, two-thumbs up! It wasn’t gory and overly-sentimental, only touching the right intimate and indispensable parts. I was still hungry for more thrills and excitement after. However it was polished and sincerely made. I’ll be coming back for  the next part of the trilogy Catching Fire, definitely! Am I going to be alone again? That, I’m not so sure of.

It was raining outside. Ending the solo-movie experience with a hot cappuccino suited the cold mood perfectly.

Caffeine , enough to keep me awake ruminating when I got home.

Savoring my coffee alone was also bliss. I supposed there’s nothing wrong about it. Yet everyone was in a group that night like they would have a large conference at Starbucks. I caught some eyes staring at me. “Something must be wrong with these people”, I uttered to myself. Do they even know the phrase “there is joy in being solitary”? I should have plastered it on their foreheads.

Solitude is fine and profound in our much clamored lives. But if you can’t well enough handle glares and self-talking episodes on socially congested places , don’t do it  more often.


11 comments on “The Hunger Games Solitary Experience

  1. Shannon
    April 2, 2012

    I think there’s something to solitary experiences. When I have to watch a movie with other people, I find myself for focused in on them, the sounds they make, their twitching, what they smell like, the urge to lean over and share an inside joke. I think watching a movie alone makes it much more like a reading experience-solitary, visceral, and real.

    • Ninay
      April 2, 2012

      Hi Shannon! Though having someone to discuss the movie with is an engaging experience I couldn’t help but agree with your thoughts! Thanks for shedding it here and for checking my blog. Without a doubt, I’ll be watching more movies, alone. 😉

  2. Krystal Rose
    April 4, 2012

    I completely agree with your sentiments about the movie, the annoying clickity-clack of teeny-boppers all begging for attention by narrating the whole time (YES YOU READ THE DAMN BOOK! SO DID I! SHUT UP NOW!), and the thoughts on being solitary at times. It is completely necessary and I savor every minute of it when I get the chance, but perhaps I was just raised differently than the onlookers who act as though I am nuts for being alone. I embrace it and pity those who cannot find comfort in being with themselves. Great post! 🙂

    By the way, what delicious pastry is that??? I simply adore Starbucks and hop to various locations in search of new offerings in the pastry window. haha Your picture has me salivating for a macchiato and a book in a corner seat by the window.

    • Ninay
      April 5, 2012

      Thank you! We belong! I feel good when someone can totally relate to the joy and comfort in solitude at times. Not everyone appreciate that and I’m glad some people like you still.
      That chocolate-dipped pastry isn’t from Starbucks ,( sorry Starbucks for bringing in another partner for your coffee..haha). I bought it at Breadtalk, a bakery based in Singapore and franchised here. They sell delicious cakes&breads. But I guess they don’t have retail outlets in the US. I can see you through the window though, with a book and a cup of macchiato, sitting alone yet feeling like having the time of your life!

      • Krystal Rose
        April 6, 2012

        Ah! That explains why I haven’t seen such a yummy looking treat in my local stores. I can see you through that same window. 🙂

  3. Jessica
    April 9, 2012

    i nominated you for a liebster award! see it here: http://jthornburghartistry.com/2012/04/09/and-the-liebster-goes-to/

  4. Cafe
    April 11, 2012

    Heya! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog 🙂
    I totally agree with your take on the movie. I too read the book beforehand and feel like the movie could never live up to my expectations. That being said, the movie was still good — just not as amazing as the book =P
    That looks like such a nice treat to enjoy on a rainy day and, yes, alone 🙂

    • Ninay
      April 11, 2012

      You’re welcome. I enjoy reading your blog and definitely will come back for more! It’s always a bliss when someone would also stop over your blog and leave a comment like this. Thanks for being here today!

      • Cafe
        April 11, 2012

        It was totally my pleasure! I’ll definitely be back too to see what you’ve been up to 😉

  5. Gen
    July 29, 2012

    I am not a sociable person, so doing things alone just comes natural for me. I bask in my solitude, because I like doing things the way I like to do them. Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy being with close friends (emphasis on the word “close”), but I think it is sometimes necessary to just do things you enjoy without worrying about someone else.

    I never got looks whenever I am alone in a coffee shop, or a restaurant, but that’s only because I am inherently oblivious. Heh. 🙂

    • Ninay
      July 29, 2012

      I love your last phrase ” it is sometimes necessary to just do things you enjoy without worrying about someone else”. True, that. Sometimes we should give time to be for ourselves rather than for any other person. 🙂

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