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Keeping Up and Marching On

With a balance stance, I’m trying to keep up with the conspicuous vicissitudes around me, the late metamorphosis within. Amazing how things could drastically change in just a week. My freelance job ended last Friday; I feel both happy and sad. How is that?

Three weeks went like three long months of exhausting routine mixed with silly and fun-filled learning experiences. It was one of those spurt moments in our twenties I would always remember. Probably, I will miss the funny things (mistakes included) I did and could have done in the future have I not left the job. My heart fluttered for the good people and good things I’ve encountered. We’ve come to accept that everyone just wants something from someone, real intention is hard to get by. However, my brief experience taught me that if you think genuine kindness doesn’t come raw these days, you thought wrong.

I’ve always believe that there is goodness in people, in strangers. Once again, I’ve come close to it.   The beautiful days, the late-night adventures, the fun times and tough times as well; I’m very thankful.  Moreover, I’m more than grateful  for His providence,  for keeping up with me.

        “There are no mistakes in life. Just lessons. Keep marching on.”

Moving back home, resetting my brain with the new context I will go through for the coming days and counting. I’m a little scared, might as well get ready, because Nursing is never easy. We didn’t get along so well in the past thus I’m trying to reconcile with it for the second time. Who would have thought turning the life pages of a twenty-something could be volatile and inspiring like this.


3 comments on “Keeping Up and Marching On

  1. P. Graham
    May 18, 2012

    Life is such a crazy adventure. When something ends, something cooler begins. Even if it doesn’t seem so cool at first 😉

    • Ninay
      May 19, 2012

      I so agree. That pretty sums up everything, I guess. Thanks for saying that. Always a delight for having you here.

  2. Frances antoinette
    June 6, 2012

    I like the play of words in expressing yourself! … and your positive outlook on society.

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