–A Weekly Chronicle Series

Friend Zone, How Far Can You Go?

Sometime in summer blue skies….

Mundane conversations about their lives were finely engrossing. She could listen to him all day, fascinated.

They were quick to chuckle at each other’s rustic silly jokes, it was insane.
He made her gulp drinks she could barely handle, although just the smell of it, for her was completely scornful.

He was spontaneous. She was the biggest worrywart.

He wanted to be the protagonist of his action film, she could sit for hours watching the world ebbed by.

She made him feel great. He made her happy.

He meant every word he said. She laughed even the thought of it.

The constant togetherness made everything seemed real. Obviously, it was not.

These are moments she wished should not have occurred.

If it was not the infamous four letter word L-O-V-E, why is someone greatly affected?

If everything was insubstantial, not fully serious, why does it hurt even now?

Woe unto someone for not knowing what to do.

Her vintage heart who thought it could go along the new ways of the world.

Love was not the way to describe it, Friend zone, you should have known.
In Friend zone, how far could you go?

Treading its slightly lit corners, you were always doubtful.

Writing about it could appease the mystifying ordeals, somehow.


One comment on “Friend Zone, How Far Can You Go?

  1. Grant Dixon
    July 8, 2012

    I once had a best friend. Love he company, loved her humour, loved her intelligence. One day I notice a smell coming from her I found out it was White Shoulder. I leaned in for a closer smell, she pursed her lips … we have been married for 45 years. I still have my best friend.

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