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Some Facets of Kuala Lumpur

Lately, I’ve been

Kuala Lumpur  was a good place to visit. In this capital city of Malaysia, the confluence among the potpourri of Malays, Indians and Chinese has been so profound.  Here, a mixture of varied origins mellifluously  interacts,  undeterred by the distinct differences in their appearances and spoken languages.
You ask directions from the locals and they answer you cordially. You meet people on the streets and everyone seems happy about something I have yet to find out. Seemingly, people here are mostly good-natured concomitant  with the kinetic Asian vibe of the city.

Without intent to wallow in sadness, I forgot to bring my point and shoot camera.  It was upsetting but that didn’t stop me from capturing snippets using an iPhone. Let me sum up my short visit in Kuala Lumpur with my captures. I would love to unravel her protean charm and puissant authentic Asian culture  along with these parade of photos. Hope you enjoy most of it!


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